Eric Hoefler


Education / EdTech

I’ve been an educator for over 15 years, working with students and adults, both in and out of the traditional classroom setting. I’m passionate about improving education, and my interests tend to focus on the teaching of writing and literacy, the integration of emerging technologies, and the importance of the affective domain.

Writing / Genre

I’ve had a love for writing since I was a child, creating my cardboard-backed fantasy “books.” Now, I mostly write short fiction and scripts. I’ve also taught creative writing in a school that led young writers through a four-year program. My interests still gravitate toward the dark fantastic, informed now by my study of genre and folklore.


I’ve had a love for photography since I got my first film camera at a garage sale when I was a teenager. I shot mostly travel, street, and landscape images for a long time, but have recently started adding portrait and studio work. So much of my other work is dominated by words, and photography gives me the chance to escape into images.