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Education is my professional passion. I taught English and creative writing at the high school level for nine years, and now I work as an Instructional Technology Resource Teacher (ITRT).

I first became interested in the field of education after I graduated college and went to work with the Chinlé Unified School District in Arizona for a couple of summers, where I helped to edit bi-cultural curriculum materials.

Soon after I earned my certification to teach secondary English, I got involved with the Northern Virginia Writing Project (NVWP), which was a major turning point in my own sense of professionalism and approach to teaching. In 2003, I became a National Board Certified Teacher, which further shaped my views on education.

I moved out of the classroom and into the private sector in 2007 when I accepted a position as a trainer and web content manager for company that contracted with the Children’s Bureau to assist with the Child and Family Services review. That work helped me refine my training and curriculum development skills for adults and further expanded my understanding of the role of technology in education.

My interest in educational technology and work as a Technology Liaison for NVWP eventually led me to take a position as an ITRT, through which I continue to share my passion and perspective while helping other teachers improve their instruction and incorporate technology effectively into their classrooms.


I’ve been writing poetry and short stories since I was a child. I love a good tale, whether in fiction, film, TV, comics, or games. Darker tales in particular have always called to me, from the Scary Stories of childhood, through my teenage obsessions with Stephen King and Clive Barker, and later through my discovery of the classic stories of Ambrose Bierce, H.P. Lovecraft, and M.R. James. I prefer what is sometimes called “weird fiction”–not gore and violence, but the shiver of uncertainty. I appreciate works that excel in style, push and blur the boundaries of genre, and linger with the reader beyond the scares.


I’ve also enjoyed photography since my teen years, with a particular interest in travel and landscape images. Recently, I’ve started shooting portraits for individuals, couples, and families, and I continue to explore the creative side of photography through glamour and conceptual approaches.

In RVA …

When I’m not writing, reading, working, or shooting, I like to travel, hike, bike, play games of all types, and enjoy the great activities, food, and drink options that Richmond, Virginia has to offer.